iPeopleFINANCE.com is a member-based, online financial community (social finance) that provides a platform for individuals to sell, finance and purchase real property and services, and for investors to make small, short-term loans to borrowers.

iPeopleFINANCE will offer borrowers a low-cost debit card which will serve as the re-payment vehicle for their loans, as well as a mechanism for re-building or establishing their credit. This debit card will also serve as the vehicle for mobile cash management transactions, delivering common banking services to members 24/7 wherever they happen to be.

Our market is young, under-banked Gen-Yers who need unconventional financing at reasonable rates, and returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan who need an assist in their return to civilian life.

In addition, iPeopleFINANCE will use its own credit scoring engine to provide credit reports on borrowers based on proprietary data-based underwriting techniques and social media.

iPeopleFINANCE offers lenders and investors a way to make low-risk, high-yield investments with short-term paybacks, to a segment of our society that needs help and has already made a significant contribution through their service, in the defense of our liberty and the freedom of our capital markets.

iPeopleFINANCE will also provide a platform for crowdfunding, which will enable investors to participate in start-ups and business expansion, by investing up to $10,000. and receiving an equity position in return. iPeopleFINANCE will provide a marketplace for entrepreneurs to share their business plans and raise capital of up to $1,000,000 to fuel start-ups or expand existing businesses

iPeopleFINANCE will collect rich demographic information from each borrower and lender member that will be used to allow lenders to target borrowers based on specific interests and backgrounds. This affinity lending profile will include access to their social networks and help mitigate risk, and increase the lender’s confidence in specific borrowers.

This blog will focus on political and global economic events as well as progress in the emerging P2P or Social Lending market, as I believe they are all intertwined and interdependent, affecting the outcome of credit, finance, capital and banking markets both directly and indirectly.

We, at iPeopleFINANCE, have a definite point of view. We believe that our political institutions are deeply invested in an elite segment of the economy and that the governing systems are wired for the benefit of a controlling few at the expense of an unempowered majority.

We believe that  the Internet is a powerful disruptive technology and that its availability as a tool for disintermediation is the most leveraged opportunity for the disenfranchised to level the playing field.

Thanks for following along.


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