Right. I Mean How Can You Protect Your Family When You Can Only Buy One Gun a Year. Sheesh.

Virginia gun law about to change. 

Control advocates will likely recoil in horror soon when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signs into law a bill axing the one-handgun-a month law, which passed the Virginia Senate Monday on a 21-19 vote, reflecting the new reality of party power in that chamber.

The law was originally passed in 1993 when the current instant background checks did not exist as an effort to reduce firearms being purchased in the state and resold illegally elsewhere. New York City was a favorite destination of gun traffickers.

But today, with the computerized federal background check, not to mention the (considered by some) redundant state check, proponents argue that the one-gun limit is no longer necessary.

They appear to have prevailed.

Gun control and all things firearms related are always lively issues in Virginia politics, serving as a litmus test for many as to any given politico’s commitment either to limited government or public safety, take your pick depending which side of the fence you are on.

The most recent local gun show (another favorite target of gun control advocates) was held this past weekend at the racetrack on Laburnum Avenue in Henrico, and attracted the largest crowd in the show’s history.

One dealer displayed a portrait of President Barack Obama emblazoned with the title “Salesman of the Month.”

This is in a way, good news for Democrats, since as the economy continues to gradually improve, Obama’s re-election seems more likely to many voters. And although he has not introduced any gun control legislation, the fear remains among Second Amendment advocates that such is in the works, not to mention possible Supreme Court appointments in a second term that could negate the recent high court decision that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to own weapons.

In Virginia, there has been a bit of interest in the almost certain repeal of the ban on Sunday hunting, a move also made possible by the re-alignment of power in state government, although a number of Senate Democrats voted for its repeal and some GOP members did not.

As with the repeal of the one-gun-a month ban, Gov. McDonnell has indicated he will sign it. Of course.


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