Islam, Hamlet, Planning, Focus, and $3 Million in the Bank!

I saw my good buddy Marci Bracco’s post on my FB page (Marci is a great Publicist – her company is Chatterbox PR – highly recommended) admonishing small businesses to build a strategic marketing plan and to stick to it. And, it got me thinking about how often companies either fail to build a strategic marketing plan or just fail to execute. And why that might be.

In addition to executing my own strategic marketing plan for iSellerFINANCE, I am re-reading Dinesh D’Sousa’s great 2005 novel “The Enemy at Home” wherein he describes the real reasons Islamic fundamentalists and traditionalists hate America. It isn’t because of our freedoms or our democracy, as George Bush seemed to believe, but because we have this bad habit of exporting our values to the rest of the world, which is becoming increasingly Muslim. Those values as the Muslims perceive them are hedonistic, trivial and vulgar, and they are making it very difficult for devout Muslims to maintain any sort of standard of morality. Now, that is their problem, but it raised an interesting thought.

As Polonius says to his son Laertes in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.” This seems to be the single moral standard of Americans … you know, if it feels right, it must be good. And, while this is something of a mental leap, perhaps this influences our decision making processes across the spectrum. Execution requires a certain discipline which, if you don’t ascribe to certain standards of behavior or morality, is very difficult to achieve. And once on the slippery slope, it is hard to get off.

I mean here you are in the middle of executing your strategic plan and a seemingly new opportunity opens up before you. Do you stop what you are doing and explore this new thing? Or, do you keep your head down and forge onward down the path your plan demands? I think, oftentimes we are easily enchanted by the grass on the other side of the fence, especially when what we are doing might not be working exactly like we want. If you really burned calories in the development of that plan, then unless the market completely disappeared, you must stick to it. As my chief editorial assistant Mimi says, “See the ball. Hit the ball.” And, she’s right. Focus is everything.

It is ironic (at best) that the $3 million we are trying to raise right now was sitting in a bank account a few years ago as I kept 25 expensive SAP consultants on the bench believing that the SAP market would come back. Instead of focusing on keeping the powder dry as my new strategic plan required, I focused on getting those consultants out and billing as that became the shiny object in the distance.

So, I am now going to focus like a laser on watching football and enjoying Christmas.

The whole gang here at iSellerFINANCE wishes you and yours a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas holiday. See you next week.


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