A New Social Finance Site is Coming Soon!

This site will enable people who cannot qualify for conventional financing to borrow money and/or purchase goods and services financed by sellers over time. The services might be those of a contractor, electrician, plumber, etc. The goods might be a house, a car, a bike, a boat, a living room set, etc. Once a seller has entered into a purchase contract with a buyer, s/he may turn around and post the resulting note for sale on the same site. It is a great way for people to buy and sell, and to enable people to re-build credit as the site manages the payment process and tracks payment performance over time generating a credit score. We will also enable micro-funding and Crowdfunding for communities, non-profits, entrepreneurs  and small businesses. The Amazon of the social finance space. Our launch date is June of 2012. More to come later. Stay tuned.


About Steve King

iPeopleFINANCE™ Chief Operating Officer. Former CEO of Endymion Systems, Inc. a $36m Information Systems Services company. Co-founder of the Cambridge Systems Group, the creator of ACF2, the leading IBM Mainframe Data Center Security product; acquired by Computer Associates. IBM, seeCommerce, marchFIRST, Connectandsell alumni. UC Berkeley alumni. View all posts by Steve King

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